Aviation Engine Bearing Testing Systems

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Theoretical estimation of dynamic bearing characteristics has historically been a source of error in the prediction of rotor-bearing system dynamic behavior. To reduce the discrepancy between the measurements and the predictions, it is difficult to obtain trustworthy estimates of the bearing operating conditions in actual test settings. ace a result, physically relevant and precise parameter identification is necessary for actual test conditions.

Along with its high rotation precision and bearing capacity, the bearing is frequently utilized in high-speed rotors such as machine tool spindles and aviation engines. Bearing stiffness is a critical bearing characteristic that exhibits strong time-varying and non-linear qualities under high rotational speeds, fluctuating loads, and other difficult operating situations. Furthermore, bearing stiffness has a direct impact on the spindle system's dynamic qualities. The correctness of bearing stiffness in rotor dynamics modeling will have a direct impact on the analysis results' dependability. As a result, it's critical to look into the bearing stiffness parameters' design. Dynamic stiffness is an essential index to assess the anti-vibration performance of the machine tool spindle structure because it refers to the stiffness of the bearing in all directions during operation. The bigger the dynamic load necessary to create a unit amplitude for the machine spindle structure, the higher its value. In contrast, the lower the dynamic stiffness, the more intense the structure's vibration. As a result, ensuring that the spindle system has adequate machining performance necessitates a dynamic stiffness study of the bearing.
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